Standard 14m Retractable Hose Reel

Ideal for smaller gardens, the 14m retractable garden hose reel feels right at home on balconies, villas, patios and courtyards. Our unique layering system works to keep every garden looking neat and tidy by layering the hose back when you finish watering – which means no tangles, no mess, no accidents, no stress!

    • Burst-free solid brass connectors with SS ball bearings. One with a STOP valve.
    • Solid brass internal shaft delivers perfect pressure every time.
    • Brass / alloy fireman’s nozzle, complete with brass piston, brass adaptor, stainless steel spring and clasp.
    • Solid brass twist nozzle.
    • Sold brass 3/4” – 1” tap adaptor.
    • 2m leader hose (custom lengths can be made to order).
    • Attached powder coated bracket and all associated hardware, including the 8mm bit.
    • 14m of high-quality hose manufactured to REACH certification. Lead and BPA free.


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The standard 14m retractable hose reel

All good gardeners need a retractable garden hose reel they can rely on – one that’s up to any task you throw at it. That’s where the DELRICO™ 14m retractable garden hose reel comes in. Designed right here in Australia to suit our conditions, this high-quality hose reel is made of tough stuff and is ready to work with you, not against you, to make watering your garden an easy, safe and enjoyable experience every time. With the comfort of a full 24 month warranty.

The locking system

The DELRICO™ 14m retractable garden hose reel locking system is equally reliable and a joy to use. It locks and unlocks whenever you want, doing away with the limitation of pulling a certain length of hose to release the lock, or silently waiting to hear that ‘click’.

Installation instructions

We’ve made the installation process as simple as possible by supplying all required materials and step-by-step instructions with your DELRICO™ retractable garden hose reel . Here’s how it’s done:

  • Mark the two eyelet holes.
  • Knock in the 2 x plugs
  • Screw in the supplied stainless steel screws.
  • Lift your bracket and seat it on the screws and tighten.
  • Turn the tap on and you’re good to go – happy hosing!

Since it’s wall-mounted and can be pushed 180 degrees, this reel can sit flush against your wall if needed – neat and sleek.