Standard 14m Retractable Hose Reel

Ideal for smaller gardens, the 14m retractable garden hose reel feels right at home on balconies, villas, patios and courtyards. Our unique layering system works to keep every garden looking neat and tidy by layering the hose back when you finish watering – which means no tangles, no mess, no accidents, no stress!

    • Burst-free solid brass connectors with SS ball bearings. One with a STOP valve.
    • Solid brass internal shaft delivers perfect pressure every time.
    • Brass / alloy fireman’s nozzle, complete with brass piston, brass adaptor, stainless steel spring and clasp.
    • Solid brass twist nozzle.
    • Sold brass 3/4” – 1” tap adaptor.
    • 2m leader hose (custom lengths can be made to order).
    • Attached powder coated bracket and all associated hardware, including the 8mm bit.
    • 14m of high-quality hose manufactured to REACH certification. Lead and BPA free.


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The standard 14m retractable hose reel

All good gardeners need a retractable garden hose reel they can rely on – one that’s up to any task you throw at it. That’s where the DELRICO™ 14m retractable garden hose reel comes in. Designed right here in Australia to suit our conditions, this high-quality hose reel is made of tough stuff and is ready to work with you, not against you, to make watering your garden an easy, safe and enjoyable experience every time. With the comfort of a full 24 month warranty.

The locking system

The DELRICO™ 14m retractable garden hose reel locking system is equally reliable and a joy to use. It locks and unlocks whenever you want, doing away with the limitation of pulling a certain length of hose to release the lock, or silently waiting to hear that ‘click’.

Installation instructions

We’ve made the installation process as simple as possible by supplying all required materials and step-by-step instructions with your DELRICO™ retractable garden hose reel . Here’s how it’s done:

  • Mark the two eyelet holes.
  • Knock in the 2 x plugs
  • Screw in the supplied stainless steel screws.
  • Lift your bracket and seat it on the screws and tighten.
  • Turn the tap on and you’re good to go – happy hosing!

Since it’s wall-mounted and can be pushed 180 degrees, this reel can sit flush against your wall if needed – neat and sleek.


Model name: 14m Retractable Hose Reel
Model number: DEL-14W
Material: Reel casing PP (polypropylene). Bracket of powdercoated steel. Hose material PVC (manufactured to REACH specifications, lead and BPA free). Screws (stainless steel). Plugs (plastic).
Fireman's nozzle: Yes – complete with brass piston, brass adaptor, stainless steel spring and clasp.
Casing fasteners: Stainless steel screws
Colour: Alabaster
Connectors and fittings: Burst free rubber encased, solid brass connectors (one with stop valve ), solid brass tap adaptor 3/4" – 1"
Mounted hose reel dimensions: W190mm, L (with bracket) 540mm, H320mm
Weight: 6kg
Hose length: 14m
Hose size: 12mm ID, 2mm wall thickness
Maximum pressure: 150psi
Maximum water temperature: 60°C
Wall mounted: Yes
Leader hose (reel to tap): 2m
Internal solid brass shaft: Yes
Internal 'O' rings: 2
Stainless steel hose clamps: Yes
Retraction power: Tension spring
UV stabilisers: Yes
Tools required: Philips screwdriver, drill
Drill bit: Yes, 8mm included

The Delrico Difference

We decided that we needed a system that could handle whatever you threw at it. We went about solving the issue of internal leaking on hose reels. Being a big fan of brass we settled on making the connectivity between the in / out of water flow in solid brass. This means that there is no expansion of plastic under pressure, hence no internal leaking. To back it up we steered away from the common solution of installing 1 or 2 “O” rings and settled on 4. Overall this results in our reels handling and delivering perfect pressure every time.

We also needed a system that was easy for our customers to use, so we set about completely redesigning the traditional “ click click “ of locking systems and making a lock system that once you stopped, it locked. When you walked again, it released……….simple and yet very effective. Our 28mtr SRS ( Slow Return System ) was a challenge in the fact that we had to make it safe so that if anyone accidentally let the reel go, it would slow down to a safer pace without “ whipping “ in and becoming dangerous like other reels on the market. Now our 28mtr is considered by professionals as the safest on the market.

When the weight of coils of hose on top of each other, combined with water inside, the first layer of hose will get crushed and will restrict the flow of water. This is a common occurrence on all other reels out in the marketplace. They have all been manufactured with a mild steel “ weight support” spring. This results in the spring rusting out and collapsing the hose on top of each other restricting water flow and clogging your spray equipment. ( our very early models were guilty of this ). Installing a 100% stainless steel spring fixed the problem and will never break or release.

Overall we believe we have designed and manufactured the safest and most user-friendly retractable hose reel on the market. We design for longevity and are very much against plastics going in to landfill, its why we can service, repair & replace any parts on and within our reels.

After all, we designed it, we can service it!

Our solid brass shafts
100% stainless steel spring
These are just some of the parts that make up our unique locking and SRS system.