Coloured 28m Retractable Hose Reel with SRS ( Slow Return System )

THE BOSS!  Exclusive to DELRICO.  Ideal for the majority of Aussie backyards, the 28m will easily reach all corners of your garden. Our unique layering system works to keep every garden looking neat and tidy by layering the retractable garden hose reel back when you finish watering – which means no tangles, no mess, no accidents, no stress!

  •  Watch our new SRSv2! ( click to watch ) Our new Slow Return System works with the tap on and retracts nice, slow and safe!  
  • Solid Brass Connector set with SS ball bearings.
  • Brass / alloy fireman’s nozzle, complete with brass piston, brass adaptor, stainless steel spring and clasp.
  • Solid brass 3/4” – 1” tap adaptor.
  • 3m leader hose (or if you prefer, custom lengths can be made to order).
  • Bracket, aluminium pole and all associated hardware, including the 8mm bit. Click here for bracket dimensions.
  • 28m of high-quality hose manufactured to REACH certification. Lead and BPA free.
  • External plugs for all external screwholes ( stop those nesting nasties! )

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The coloured 28m retractable hose reel

All good gardeners need a retractable garden hose reel they can rely on – one that’s up to any task you throw at it. That’s where the DELRICO™ 28m retractable garden hose reel comes in. Designed and built right here in Australia to suit our conditions, this high-quality hose reel is made of tough stuff and is ready to work with you, not against you, to make watering your garden an easy, safe and enjoyable experience every time.

Getting your hands on a DELRICO™ retractable hose reel is easy thanks to our streamlined ordering process – simply ‘add to cart’ and follow the steps. Once it’s yours, the reel comes with everything you need to begin living the DELRICO™ hose dream and installation is simple.

The locking system

DELRICO’s™ locking and SRS (Slow Return System) is engineer-designed and ensures the 28m is a joy to use. It locks and unlocks whenever you want, doing away with the limitation of pulling a certain length of hose to release the lock, or silently waiting to hear that ‘click’. Our SRS is unique to our 28m reel and works to keep you safe by kicking in should the hose be accidentally let go when in use and slows the retraction of the hose down to a much safer speed.

The warranty

A full 48-month warranty applies to all Custom Coloured DELRICO™ retractable garden hose reels and while servicing is rarely required for our high-quality products, we can do that for you too. We designed it, we can service it! We designed and manufactured the only retractable hose reel in Australia to feature a solid brass internal shaft with 4 x 'O' rings! – that means perfect pressure every time, and it's only available from DELRICO™.

What’s your colour?

DELRICO™ is proud to offer Australia’s only colour-matched hose reels . Our 28m retractable garden hose reel is now available in most Colorbond® or Dulux® colour of your choice, ready to be matched to your existing fence, roof, outdoor entertaining area, guttering or downpipes. Alternatively, we’ll help you track down that special colour that coordinates perfectly with your business premises, promotional or marina.

Not your ordinary house paint

We turned to a paint chemist to assist us in the creation of this very special paint and the results speak for themselves. This paint will NOT fade and will be around for many, many, many years to come. They truly are a statement! Over 85+ glossy, gorgeous tones to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect colour and they won’t chalk up like your common reels. All our custom coloured hose reels are disassembled, prepped, sprayed and baked, then reassembled and packed in our Sydney premises – you’ll just need to allow up to 10 days for us to process your preferred colour, plus freight to your specified destination.  It's well worth the wait! Click here to view the range, or call into our showroom to check it out for yourself ( over 24 colours on display).  Please note, the images shown have been reproduced to represent the actual colour as accurately as possible. But we would recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the colour before purchasing, as light conditions, printing process variations and computer screen resolutions may affect colour tones.

Installation Instructions
  • It is advisable for the reel to be installed within 3 mtr of the tap.
  • Included with your reel is a mounting bracket and a fastener pack.
  • This pack includes 2 x masonry bolts, 4 x Stainless Steel screws & 4 plastic plugs.
  • The masonry bolts are for the middle upper and lower holes of the bracket.The mounting bracket can be installed onto a brick wall or to strong and secure timber.
  • The most appropriate height to mount your reel is approx. 1.2m from the ground.
  • An 8mm masonry drill bit is supplied for brick/mortar fixing. Be sure to drill into the brick, not mortar!.
  • Once the bracket is installed, lift the reel and place in the bracket.
  • Connect the leader hose to the tap using the brass 1" tap adaptor provided and you are good to go!


Model name: 28m Retractable Hose Reel
Model number: DEL-28W
Material: Reel/bracket PP (polypropylene). Hose material PVC (manufactured to REACH specifications, lead and BPA free). Screws (stainless steel). Plugs (plastic). Wall anchors of coated steel.
Fireman's nozzle: Yes – complete with brass piston, brass adaptor, stainless steel spring and clasp.
Casing fasteners: Stainless steel screws
Casing screwhole plugs: Yes
Connectors and fittings: Burst free rubber encased, solid brass connectors (one with stop valve ), solid brass tap adaptor 3/4" – 1"
Hose reel dimensions: W270mm, L570mm, H460mm
Mounted hose reel dimensions: W270mm, L (with bracket) 680mm, H460mm
Bracket dimensions: W103mm, H180mm, L170mm
Weight: 12.2kg
Hose length: 28m
Hose size: 12mm ID, 2mm wall thickness
Maximum pressure: 150psi
Maximum water temperature: 60°C
Wall mounted: Yes
Leader hose (reel to tap): 3m
Internal solid brass shaft: Yes
Internal 'O' rings: 4
Stainless steel hose clamps: Yes
Retraction power: Tension spring
UV stabilisers: Yes
Tools required: 8mm socket, Philips screwdriver, drill
Drill bit: Yes, 8mm included
Water tank friendly: Yes (pressure is dependant on your pump's horsepower)

The Delrico Difference

We decided that we needed a system that could handle whatever you threw at it. We went about solving the issue of internal leaking on hose reels. Being a big fan of brass we settled on making the connectivity between the in / out of water flow in solid brass. This means that there is no expansion of plastic under pressure, hence no internal leaking. To back it up we steered away from the common solution of installing 1 or 2 “O” rings and settled on 4. Overall this results in our reels handling and delivering perfect pressure every time.

We also needed a system that was easy for our customers to use, so we set about completely redesigning the traditional “ click click “ of locking systems and making a lock system that once you stopped, it locked. When you walked again, it released……….simple and yet very effective. Our 28mtr SRS ( Slow Return System ) was a challenge in the fact that we had to make it safe so that if anyone accidentally let the reel go, it would slow down to a safer pace without “ whipping “ in and becoming dangerous like other reels on the market. Now our 28mtr is considered by professionals as the safest on the market.

When the weight of coils of hose on top of each other, combined with water inside, the first layer of hose will get crushed and will restrict the flow of water. This is a common occurrence on all other reels out in the marketplace. They have all been manufactured with a mild steel “ weight support” spring. This results in the spring rusting out and collapsing the hose on top of each other restricting water flow and clogging your spray equipment. ( our very early models were guilty of this ). Installing a 100% stainless steel spring fixed the problem and will never break or release.

Overall we believe we have designed and manufactured the safest and most user-friendly retractable hose reel on the market. We design for longevity and are very much against plastics going in to landfill, its why we can service, repair & replace any parts on and within our reels.

After all, we designed it, we can service it!

Our solid brass shafts
100% stainless steel spring
These are just some of the parts that make up our unique locking and SRS system.

The Engine Room

A customer came to us and said their reel wasnt retracting. Upon further investigation they advised that the reel was sitting on the ground and not in its wall bracket due to the fact they were renting and were not allowed to drill into the outside wall.

We opened the reel up and found it was full of water from sitting on its side and hence had rusted the spring out.

No problem, as we pulled the old spring out with a special tool and replaced with a brand new spring of the correct dimensions. Retensioned, aligned and promptly put it all back and adjusted to the correct tension. ( DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF! )

The reel is now happily sitting on a post cemented in the garden bed. The customer is chuffed that it works just like new and was saved from landfill.

Why throw it away when everything else is working fine?

Next time you are in the market for a reel, make sure that it can be serviced down the track if ever needed.

Rest easy with a DELRICO.....we designed it, we can service it!

Nesting Nasties?

We have all seen the stain running down from the screwholes on some hose reels in the garden. No, it is definitely not rust on DELRICO hose reels as ALL our external screws are Stainless Steel.

The culprit is usually a mud wasp and usually around large gum trees. What we have done on our coloured reels is to put plugs in the screwholes so that this will block the wasp from making a nest in your reel. Only available on our coloured reels as they are fully assembled here in Sydney.

Here is an extract on exactly what they are and do:

If you hear a wasp buzzing loudly in your garden or find a wasp's nest under your eaves or attached to your house or shed, don't panic. They may be Mud dauber Wasps which look a bit scary with their bright yellow and dark black colouring, but are actually quite harmless and non-aggressive if you leave them alone. Like all wasps, if they feel threatened, they will give a painful sting, so best to observe them from a distance.

During April, Mud dauber Wasps have finished mating and are preparing to fly off to warmer places to hibernate over the winter. They live all over Australia in forests, woodland and urban gardens and parks.

Unlike social wasps, these large insects are solitary. They come in many colours and sizes but many are black or black and orange. The female alone builds its nest of mud or clay, which looks a little like a swallow's nest with a narrow neck. She emits a high pitched buzz while working the nest, which helps to distribute the mud evenly.


She will often attach it to a tree trunk or a building, wherever it finds shelter from the weather. Some species prefer hollows, just to be safe, and may choose a dry pipe or any hollow gardening tools left around. Occasionally, you might have a wasp building a whole series of nests in a row, and you may see her skills and technique improve from one to the next.

Once the nest is finished, the female Mud dauber hunts out spiders, paralysing them and returning to the nest where she lays an egg on them and seals the entrance. Inside, the egg will hatch and the larvae will eat the food and pupate. When it emerges as an adult wasp, it will chew its way out of the cell.

Mud daubers are great to have around your garden as they will control spider and bug numbers. They are not aggressive and will only sting if handled. So as long as you give them some space and let them go about their business, they won't bother you.

These wasps are good for your plants too. Adult Mud dauber Wasps feed on nectar and pollen from flowers and native plants. In doing so, they are great pollinators.

Breeding season is the only time Mud daubers spend around each other. Unlike other social wasps, bees and ants, Mud daubers live largely solitary lives. If you spot one, relax in the knowledge that you most likely won't be meeting a swarm any time soon.

Even if you don't have a nest in your backyard you can still see mud wasps visiting as they feed on nectar and drink water. You may also see a Spider Wasp dragging a spider much larger than itself back to its underground nest to feed its offspring.

Did you know?

Only female Mud dauber Wasps have stingers. The female's stinger is in the same body part as the ovipositor, which is the needle-like tube they use to lay their eggs.


Think twice before calling the pest control people if you spot a wasp nest around your place. Do a bit of research first, as you may just find out that your new backyard buddy is actually a harmless native who is very helpful in the garden - like the Mud dauber Wasp.