Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered everything you need to know when buying a retractable garden hose or garden hose fittings and accessories.


Because the Delrico™ Auto Reel is built to last. From the stainless-steel fixings that won’t rust to the Colorbond© casing that won’t chalk up with age – we’ve designed our auto reel to withstand almost anything you can throw at it. We’re so confident in our hose reels that we offer a 24 & 48 month warranty on them, and a 12-month warranty on our brass nozzles and connectors. We back that up with After Warranty Servicing, so that if something goes wrong after your warranty is up, you can still have your hose reel repaired rather than having to throw it out. Our hose also comes fully certified under REACH manufacturing standards and are the only hose reel on the market with solid brass internal shafts. But if quality, safety and after sales servicing don’t float your boat, our hose reels can also be colour matched to blend in seamlessly with your home and garden. Glossy & Gorgeous!

Max 150psi.

Of course! The Delrico™ reel is a standard 12mm ID (1/2") REACH certified PVC hose. This means that the majority of all connectors on the market will fit the hose.

You sure can. You just need to make sure you tell the company installing your pump that you want to use 28m (98ft) of garden hose. You will need a larger pump to push water through this distance. Mains pressure (over 100psi) will easily push through this distance but beware of installing a pump for your rainwater with low horsepower.